05 June 2010

EAC Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia : Siapa Dia EAC? Aku Kecewa Dengan EAC..

Lanun p/s : EAC yang mengubah perjalanan kerjaya aku dan kawan kawan.. Pada EAC aku kecewa dengan organisasi korang. Ada sapa-sapa sini yang ada bekerja dengan EAC? Saudara mara? Adik Beradik?

The EAC comprises 5 stakeholders (BEM, IEM, MQA, JPA and Industry Employers from practicing professionals) from industry and academia. The EAC’s primary responsibilities are to set policy and conduct approval and accreditation evaluations.

The EAC has provided leadership and quality assurance in engineering higher education since 2000. The EAC accredits 190 programmes at 26 institutions of higher learning (IHL) nationwide.

Other functions are as follows:
  1. Maintain a list of accredited engineering programmes.
  2. Oversee the development and operation of accreditation and mutual recognition of programmes with other countries.
  3. Keep the Board informed of the activities of EAC. Where necessary make recommendations to the Board.
  4. Foster the dissemination of developments and best practices in engineering education.
  5. Advice the Board on public statements or representations that should be made in relation to engineering education.
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4 komen disini yer..:

paiz said...

aku kecewa sgt.. kenape setiap rules yg eac buat tu harus impliment serta merta? sepatutnyer kena la berperingkat.. ini akan menyusahkan byk pihak!! kami bukan robot..

LaNuNsepet said...

aku tension tiap2 hari belajar..
belajar terpaksa..
mana nak masuk..

eac ko mmg aniaya kami.

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site lanunsepet.blogspot.com
Is this possible?

LaNuNsepet said...

yes u can ,just go to the tukar tukar link and fill the exchange link form.